Aphorisms of 2022

– Fake news is an ambiguous and dangerous enemy of the truth, it can dismantle reality. They want to reverse and subvert it through disinformation,

Nuevos poemas de Colombia

Aquí seis nuevos poemas de Marivi Ricardo, colombiana y apasionada de la poesía.  Están todos en castellano, el último en francés. Poema a la amistad

The tears of the moon

Silver:  was used for the first time by the Sumerians about 5000 years ago. It was rare in ancient Egypt; I visited a lot of

Poemas y flores

Aquí hay dos poemas más de la poetisa colombiana Marivi Ricardo. Las espléndidas fotos fueron cedidas amablemente por el fotógrafo de Jesi Primo Finocchi. Añoranzas

Other aphorisms autumn 2021

These are my other aphorisms inserted in autumn 2021. 1. Poor tree pruning is a form of environmental devastation. Even after their death, the detrimental

Cuatro poemas de Colombia

A la amistad La amistad es como la luna de día no se ve pero siempre esta y en la oscuridad de la noche nos

The peacock train

Tale of a love story Love, an oak tree, two peacocks and a war. All of this brings us back to more than 200 years

My aphorisms

My aphorisms – In life and travelling I always linger over anyone has a story to tell. – General knowledge is a shoot that needs

The artist was safe

It was a cold and foggy night, a slight drizzle  was falling. Shortly after leaving  the station, they told us  to get to a family