Other aphorisms autumn 2021

These are my other aphorisms inserted in autumn 2021. 1. Poor tree pruning is a form of environmental devastation. Even after their death, the detrimental

Cuatro poemas de Colombia

A la amistad La amistad es como la luna de día no se ve pero siempre esta y en la oscuridad de la noche nos

The peacock train

Tale of a love story Love, an oak tree, two peacocks and a war. All of this brings us back to more than 200 years

My aphorisms

My aphorisms – In life and travelling I always linger over anyone has a story to tell. – General knowledge is a shoot that needs

The artist was safe

It was a cold and foggy night, a slight drizzle  was falling. Shortly after leaving  the station, they told us  to get to a family

Simple thoughts (seasoned)

Simple thoughts (seasoned) By reading, you dispel the mist of ignorance. At times, I believe that having only one reason is not enough to do

Viaggio a Civitanova Marche

Il viaggio a Civitanova Marche (MC) di un americano alla ricerca delle proprie origini: http://joeysgenealogicaljourney.blogspot.it/  

Mérida y Yucatán

Silvia Gómez, psicopedagoga que vive en Mérida (Mexico), respondiendo a las preguntas también habla de su Región: Yucatán y antigua civilización maya. ¿Lo que queda


If you happen to  travel on the Gioacchino Murat  provincial road from  Passo Treia to  Tolentino in the first half of September, you will have