To Clio, muse of history

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My lover is called Clio
A beautiful woman, I desire her, I want her.
She appears in my thoughts,
in my ideas, in my dreams.
She always reminds me of major and minor
events in history.
She reports dramatic events of the present to me,
which will be remembered in the future.
I wish I had a time machine
to travel to the cities of the past with her
admiring places and buildings
where characters lived.
I would meet protagonists and wingmen,
to whom I would ask questions.
If not
Just observing them would be enough
trying to better understand
the path of their decisions.
I would like to know which of them
have been impulsive,
which one meditated and painful.
Along the path of human motivations,
She inspires me with other thoughts about life.
While I walk beside her on the foreshore,
I look at the sand, settled for centuries,
as human events.
In my dreams, the graceful Clio
leads me to idyllic, meaningful places,
beloved by both of us.
Clio holds my hand as I travel
to the ancient cities of the Mediterranean basin
admiring buildings, sites, archaeological finds,
and artworks in museums and galleries.
Whence while I travel I never feel alone!
Everything has a story, and I love to tell it.

The photos were taken in Athens, 2023.

Eno Santecchia

March 2024

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