Aphorisms of 2022

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– Fake news is an ambiguous and dangerous enemy of the truth, it can dismantle reality. They want to reverse and subvert it through disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda. November 2021

– Love draws and colours dreams and life. However, in some ways, it is like anesthesia: pains start when their effects end. October 2022

– Women also lack in something, however, this is not represented by the tawdry Italian television advertising campaigns. November 26, 2021

– To identify the CEO in a family, all you need to do is to fold the bedsheets with your wife, and you will find it immediately! January 2022

– Compared to the Russian president of 2022, Attila, king of the Huns, was a seminarian. October 2022

Eno Santecchia

February 2023

Bamboo canes in Caldarola (MC), photo by Gavino Lo Giudice.
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